Last Friday, we had a wonderful opportunity to participate in a workshop for teachers, given by Forrest Kinney.  We met Forrest last year at the PMTA (Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association) conference in Indiana, PA.  We were so impressed and inspired by his way of teaching improvisation that our local chapter, CPMTA, and our own piano […]

We’ve enjoyed watching the Figure Skating competitions of the Sochi Winter Olympics SO MUCH over the past couple weeks!  It’s our favorite sport of the Olympics, because while it is indeed a sport which requires great physical strength and agility, it is also a very artistic endeavor.  Sensitivity to the music and artistry in the […]

It’s hard to believe our week of mini-recitals is over already.  They were all so fun!  We want to thank all our students for their excellent work!  The mini-recitals are a nice way to end the Fall semester, with everyone sharing their favorite Christmas carols at the piano, and then getting to talk and relax […]

We want to thank our students who participated in today’s Halloween Recital for their excellent work!  It was a very fun recital, with lots of spooky music!  You all did a wonderful job.  We also had students from another NPTN teacher’s studio participating!  So here’s a picture of all the participants: As you can see, […]

Whew!  We’re back from an amazing, inspiring weekend!  We attended that PMTA (Pennsylvania Music Teachers Association) annual conference at IUP, Friday through Sunday.  And each day was PACKED with fun and informative presentations and performances.  We’re SO excited about all the new ideas we got from our colleagues at this conference! We hope to tell […]

Hi everyone!  We want to congratulate all our students on their excellent recital!  We are SO proud of each and every one of you!  Not only did everyone play their songs very well, but we were VERY impressed with how you went to the piano with confidence, took the time to move the bench, finished […]

Hi everyone!  Just wanted to announce that our first Performance Classes were a great success!  We were very impressed with how even our first-timers remembered to adjust the bench for themselves, finish their songs well, and then bow and smile to their attentive audience!  We believe our students will benefit greatly from these opportunities to […]


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