Yearly Tuition:

45-minute lessons:       $1920.00     ($160.00 monthly)
60-minute lessons:       $2568.00     ($214.00 monthly)

**There is no long-term commitment requirement; students may begin and end lessons when they wish.  When you discontinue lessons before the piano-year ends, tuition is prorated to cover piano-weeks only through your ending date.  However, we strongly recommend giving piano at least a full year.  We fill our lessons with fun music from the beginning, but true joy for the student comes from having the skills to play the music that is personally meaningful, familiar, and fun for them!  And that takes time.

ANNUAL ENROLLMENT FEE: $40.00 per student (due at the beginning of each school-year with the usual Tuition payment, or whenever you start lessons.)

Our lessons include rote-teaching (at beginning- through late elementary levels) and other activities that require more lesson-time.  For this reason, we do not offer lessons shorter than 45 minutes.  If you strongly feel that your child would require a shorter lesson, we can discuss solutions and options on a one-on-one basis.

Your tuition pays for much more than your weekly lesson-time! See “Where does my Tuition Go?” for details.

Interested in trying a lesson to see if our studio is right for you?  Contact Us for our Trial Lesson rates!

Our Yearly Tuition package is set up like a “Budget Plan” for utilities: you pay a lower, predictable amount every month of the year. This makes it easy to budget for piano lessons, and payments are simple!  The same amount is due each month of the year, no matter how many or how few lesson-weeks happen to be in any given month.

INCLUDED IN YEARLY TUITION: (divided into 12 equal monthly payments)

  • 37 scheduled weeks of instruction, as outlined in the separate Studio Calendar.
    • Includes private lessons, group classes, recitals and in-service week.

STUDIO CALENDAR (details in a separate document):

  • The studio calendar runs from September through August each year.   Students who join the studio at other times will have their tuition prorated accordingly.
    • 34 of the scheduled piano weeks occur during the school-year. The other 3 are reserved for summer.


  • In order to secure a reserved spot in the studio for the following studio-year, a student needs only to pay the tuition throughout the current studio-year.
  • Any student who drops out for the summer will not have a spot reserved in the Fall, and may be replaced by a new student.


**Families should expect small, regular increases in tuition appropriate to cost of living increases/inflation and services offered.**