CONGRATULATIONS to our students!

Hi everyone!  We want to congratulate all our students on their excellent recital!  We are SO proud of each and every one of you!  Not only did everyone play their songs very well, but we were VERY impressed with how you went to the piano with confidence, took the time to move the bench, finished your songs well AND remembered to bow and smile at your audience!!!  It makes us so happy to see our students demonstrating how well they remember all these details of what makes a great performance.  Your hard work really paid off!

So we really hope you enjoyed playing for each other, and that you enjoyed listening to each other play as much as we did!  It was a fun recital.


And thank you to all the families who contributed excellent treats for our reception!  They were all very well-enjoyed by all, and there was hardly a morsel left by the end!



And there was even dancing at the reception….


Thank you everyone for a wonderful day!  We appreciate your dedication to music, and all your hard work!

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