Wonderful mini-recitals!

It’s hard to believe our week of mini-recitals is over already.  They were all so fun!  We want to thank all our students for their excellent work!  The mini-recitals are a nice way to end the Fall semester, with everyone sharing their favorite Christmas carols at the piano, and then getting to talk and relax while enjoying festive treats.  Here are all the Mini-recital participants posing in front of the Christmas tree:

IMG_1770 IMG_1777 IMG_1748 IMG_1731 IMG_1729 IMG_1742

And then after the recital and posed pictures were done, we had much enjoyment of treats, talking, petting of kitties, and impromptu duet concerts!

IMG_1774_1 IMG_1773_1 IMG_1752 IMG_1775_1

IMG_1768 IMG_1765 IMG_1763 IMG_1757

….And the competition to Find The Pickle in the Christmas tree!

IMG_1743 IMG_1738

We had so much fun at all the recitals, and were so happy to see that you all enjoyed them too.  Have a nice, restful break, and a Happy New Year!  See you in January!

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