Fall 2017 Wrap-up!

What an awesome semester we’ve had at Aller Piano Studio!  Our first performance of Fall season was the Halloween Recital at Robert M. Sides Music Store.  Our students went all-out, picking their favorite spooky music to play – and dressing up in Halloween costumes for the occasion!

We also found out that one of our students possesses an until-now-hidden talent:  Juggling WHILE PLAYING THE PIANO!   Enjoy this quick video of said talent!  (And it was a melody picked out by ear, on the spot, to boot!)

We also had a very  “Halloweeny” guest at our recital:  A spider who decided to descend from the ceiling only inches away from an unsuspecting student, in the hallway!  It appeared and descended so fast, it was almost to the floor before we could snap this photo!

And we have just concluded our Fall semester with our Holiday Mini-recitals, which are such a fun way to end the year!  We start with the students each playing their favorite holiday pieces, and then we play for everyone too.  Then we have a nice party with our homemade treats for everyone, and some nice time to relax and socialize with fellow piano families!  Please see our Videos page if you’d like to see and hear our teacher-duet for this year: Chinese Dance from the Nutcracker!


Éowyn likes to observe the festivities from her cozy heated kitty-cup!

We had some impromptu serenading during our parties too!

And a very brave student wanted to take a look at the teacher-duet music!

Thank you to all our students for your hard work this semester!  And a big thank you to our piano-parents!   You make all this possible with your dedication to your children’s musical education!

We wish all of you a wonderful holiday, relaxing vacation, and a Happy New Year!  See you in 2018!!

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