Super-fun First-ever Pre-recorded Piano Recital!!

WOW, what a weekend we just had!  Our first-ever Pre-Recorded Recital was a resounding success, and SO much fun to put together and to watch!!

Because of the Lockdown, we were unable to have our traditional in-person Spring Recital.  But we were not to be deterred by this situation!  Instead, after having Zoom-Practice-Recitals together, we invited our  students to contribute their own individual recordings that they made at home; then, we put them together into one big Recital recording!  Our wonderful students went above and beyond, playing beautifully at their home pianos!  Many decided to add to the fun by dressing up, using props and action figures around the piano to set the mood, special lighting, costumes, and even some visual effects!  We can’t say enough how proud we are of our students’ creativity!!  We enjoyed adding our own geeky intros and transitions to the excellent recordings our students contributed.

Then, on Recital Day – Saturday, April 25, 2020 – we all enjoyed the recital at our own homes and took some photos of our celebrations.  We will share photos here so we can all share in this joyous Recital experience!

One great side-benefit of a Pre-recorded  recital is that all the Pets of our Aller Piano Studio families got to enjoy the recital for the first time!


We all enjoyed our own yummy treats at home for our Recital Celebrations, in lieu of our usual reception after the big recitals!

There were even special new Recital shoes!

Some of you know that we have been on a severely restricted diet since October due to newly discovered food sensitivities.  We felt that our students’ wonderful recital was a reason to celebrate with a couple of our favorite foods we haven’t had in a long while…

Chocolate cupcakes and some chocolates, with some nice hot tea…  (Well, we’ve been having tea this whole time – thank goodness we aren’t sensitive to tea!  But we still need to include it in all food-and-drink celebrations!)

With our special Death Star/ TIE fighter tea infuser!

And homemade pizzas, cut into slices with our USS ENTERPRISE PIZZA CUTTER!  We reserve the Enterprise for only the most celebratory Pizzas.  This occasion definitely made the cut!

After watching the recital, we took our customary walk in Milbrook Marsh!  It was so refreshing!  It was a bit overcast, but it was still lovely walking weather, and it was so nice to get moving and drink in the fresh air!

We are so grateful for all our wonderful Piano students and families, for the hard work and amazing creativity they brought to this recital!  And now we leave you with a message from one of our piano families to all of you:



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  1. The Couplands · · Reply

    Congratulations, everyone, on a wonderful recital! We were inspired by your music, and enjoyed the bonus costumes and special effects. Thank you, Amy and Bonnie, for making our pre-recorded recital so special!

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