Great job, everyone!

It’s hard to believe that another Spring Recital season is over!  We had so much fun at both recitals; all the students looked and sounded confident and happy on stage!  We are so very proud of each one of our students!

We are especially proud that you used what you learned at Performance Classes, and your Memory Steps, to help you give the best performances you can give.  Learning to deal with mistakes during performance in a productive, positive way is at least as important as working toward making as close to no mistakes as we can manage.   So it was very rewarding to see our students put those Memory Steps into practice here at the recitals.  We were very happy to see that, when mistakes happened, our students were all able to recover very quickly – because of how thoroughly they learned their pieces with the Memory Steps!  They continued their performances so well that any mistakes were minimized.

What shines out above any mistake we might make is the way we perform.  If you perform with feeling and with confidence, then it is a good performance.  And a mistake or two will not change that overall quality of your performance.

So, thank you to all our students for your diligent practicing and hard work!  It paid off so brilliantly at these recitals.  We loved hearing you play and are so glad you could show everyone what you can do.  Thank you to all our parents for your dedication to your children’s musical education!  – and thanks also for contributing excellent treats for our receptions!  They were yummy, and it was great fun to have the chance to talk to everyone.

Here are some photos from the recitals.  Enjoy!

The 11:00 recital participants……

Version 2

And the 12:30 recital participants!Version 2

And one with the teachers too!IMG_7663copyfinal


Someone found a Rubik’s Cube…..

IMG_7658 IMG_7659

And we all had great fun enjoying wonderful treats and conversation! – a well-deserved reward for everyone’s excellent work!

IMG_7653 IMG_7655

IMG_7664IMG_7665 IMG_7666 IMG_7667 IMG_7668 IMG_7670 IMG_7669Thank you everyone for a great day of recitals!  We hope you had as much fun with it as we did!






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