Happy ending to a great year in Piano!

We want to congratulate all our students on their wonderful and joyful performances at the Holiday Mini-recitals this year!  We loved listening to everyone play.  We also had great fun playing a piece for all of you!

Please check out our “Videos” page again!  We’ve added a video of us performing this year’s Nutcracker duet, “Arabian Dance.”

And of course, we all had fun at the parties following each of the recitals!

IMG_6034 IMG_6028 IMG_6015_2

And there was the occasional impromptu after-recital serenade:


….And finding The Pickle, of course….


Kitties were included in the festivities, naturally!  Eowyn had fun batting that blue poof off her perch, and the kids were happy to replace it for her to bat again.

IMG_6055 IMG_6051



More Searches for the Pickle!  We hid it well this year….

IMG_6078 IMG_6080IMG_6083IMG_6067



And an excellent, unexpected treat:  The Quintet for 1 piano, TEN HANDS!  We just love to see our students having so much fun with piano.  That’s what music is for!


Thank you, everyone, for making our Mini-Recitals so happy and fun.  What a great way to end the year!  We hope you all have a restful vacation, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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