Excellent Spring Recitals 2019!

What a great time we all had on Saturday April 27th, with two wonderful recitals that showcased our students’ customary VAST array of styles!  It’s such fun to see and hear all the different types of music our students choose for their recital pieces!  We always end up with exciting, varied music.  This year we had movie themes and songs from musicals, video-game music, classics from Mozart, Beethoven, and Debussy, Ragtime and popular songs!

We are so proud of all our students!  Here are our performers at this years’ recitals:

It’s so nice to have time to relax and have fun socializing and enjoying treats with our Piano Families after hearing our students bring the joy of music to everyone!

We LOVE that our students encourage and congratulate each other on their performances!  They can really inspire each other.


Even parents can take the opportunity to play on the beautiful grand piano!

Thank you to all our students for your hard work on your recital pieces.  It really paid off – you all sounded amazing!  After everyone went home and we were done with the cleanup, we were struck by what a gorgeous Spring day it was.  We took the opportunity to take a nice walk in the spring air.  So we’ll leave you with a couple photos of beautiful flowers we saw along the way.  Happy Spring!

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