Happy Summer!

Happy Independence Day, everyone!  As we finally have a moment to catch our breaths after our busy end of Spring and beginning of Summer session, we thought we’d share some photos and videos from our fun and educational Piano Parties!  The kids loved learning about the Viennese Waltz and Johann Strauss II through a couple videos showing the different types of Waltzes (Viennese vs. Slow/English Waltz) – one of them being a video from Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire! – and 2 awesome cartoons.

And the Rhythm Cups were so fun for everyone!  We are very proud of how well our students learned the rhythms and cup-tapping motions that we did as a group to some music at the Parties.  Please enjoy these photos from the Parties, and videos of our students performing the different Rhythm-cup pieces!

As usual, our kitties found a way to involve themselves in the festivities….

And as usual we had a great time at the end of each Piano Party enjoying social time and treats with the students!

And now the videos.  The great thing about Rhythm Cups is that they are a fun way to practice the skill of staying on the beat and with the group, even if mistakes happen!  This skill is extremely useful for any ensemble experience, and our students did a fabulous job keeping together and getting back on track with the group, even at the most challenging moments.  And there were plenty of challenges in our Rhythm Cups this year, at each level.  We had a blast, and the kids did too!  Enjoy all the different pieces and levels of our Rhythm Cups!

We hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday!

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